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As a teenager I was always playing practical jokes and was the fun guy at parties. I got interested in magic at a young age by finding and reading a book at a school library about performing magic with everyday objects. I even learned the famous illusion, cutting a woman in half illusion at the age of ten. Which I practiced on my sister. Which explains why I now have a half sister. I kept learning the art of magic while growing up and decided to put on my first public show at the age of 20. Since my first show I have gone on to perform over 1000 shows. I have performed my comedy magic shows for corporations, celebrities, fairs, festivals, schools, churches, and various organizations.

I am constantly entertaining spectators with unconventional magic that defy the laws of physics and even produces a memorable experience. When I perform it’s not about the magic trick, its about creating a feeling and connecting with my audience to create an everlasting memory.

I believe I am truly adept in both my magic and people skills. That is what makes it possible for me to feature so much audience participation. This way my audience becomes part of the show and will experience the fun and excitement during and long after my performance.

So what makes my show more of an experience for my audience? The idea is that what they are seeing today is different from what happened yesterday, and it will be different from what happens tomorrow. It isn’t like a play that is the same everytime. This is live and genuine interaction. I believe my audience appreciates that and that is what keeps it fun and fresh for me.

Finding my own style in magic has been my mantra throughout my career. Over the years I have honed my silly stage persona. My charisma is every bit as important as the tricks I perform because it makes my audience truly like me as I guide them laughingly from one illusion to the next. So whether I am performing for adults or children the magic I perform in each of those shows may be different but my fun and energetic performing style is always the same.

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    • Had Brian perform for our little brother's 7th birthday party a couple of weeks ago. He was FANTASTIC! We had about 25 kids, ages 5-8, along with their parents, and Brian did a WONDERFUL job! (about 45 people in total) BEFORE THE SHOW: Prior to hiring Brian, I had done some research, since it was our first time working with a magician, and we could not be happier! He was incredibly patient answering all of my questions days leading up to the party. He was very open to any suggestions and worries that I had. The birthday boy has been obsessed with magic for the last year and a half. I explained to Brian that he often attended magic shows, would watch youtube videos of other magicians and perform for the family. So, naturally I was a little worried. After speaking to Brian, he made some great suggestions for the show (without revealing anything) asked me for my input and really made me feel at ease about the entire thing. SHOWTIME: He arrived promptly on time, was great with the kids, extremely witty with the adults, and by the end of the show, ALL of the kids and parents were in awe of the magic that he performed at the party. Could not have asked for a better magician! Very happy with Brian's performance, professionalism and kindness. Thank you so much Brian!! *HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
      Christina Park
    • He did such a great job of engaging the kids and including them in the show. His dialogue was geared toward the children, but the adults really got a kick out of it too! He even remembered the kids' names and referred to them personally to make them feel important. He was able to read individual personalities of the kids in the audience after only a moment and use that to joke with them. His magic was perfect for an elementary audience and still entertaining for the parents. The special touch at the end were balloon animals and letting the kids pet the bunny. I got countless compliments afterward from parents who were so glad that he had come to our Winter Carnival. He was exactly what we were looking for!!!
      Victoria Gilmore – Northbrook Covenant Church
    • Brian performed at our Holiday office party and did a terrific job. He did card tricks for groups of 5-6 in a cocktail party format. He is an expert magician and good entertainer. We are still guessing "how did he do that?" Thanks Brian!!
      Jeff Eaton – D.D.S.
    • Brian came to our son's 3 year birthday party and put on a fabulous magic show that everyone loved!  There were about 10 kids ages infant through 10 years old and seeing them laugh through the entire show was very sweet.  Brian did exactly what he said he would in his bio and we were very impressed with the performance.  All our guests commented on what a great party it was.  Thanks Brian!  Andrew still talks about making the bunny appear!
      Molly Ades
    • It is my pleasure to recommend The Magic of Brian Holt for his stand-up magic show. I hired Brian for our firm's family holiday party. I strongly stressed the importance of my need for a family-friendly show. Brian assured me he could put on a show that was liked by people of all ages, and I believe he followed through on his promise.Brian entertained a group of 30 - 40 guests at our holiday party ranging in age from 1-60 years old. I can honestly say that he amused everyone of us with his style of comedy, sleight of hand tricks, and audience involvement.Not only did Brian put on a great stand-up show, but he also possesses the rare talent of being able to create balloon animals. Knowing that I was putting together a family-friendly party, Brian offered to bring his equipment and make balloon animals for our 50+ kids during the "more-adult" happy hour. This additional component of entertainment at our party pleased all the children as well as their parents.In addition, Brian is very professional and timely as he arrived well before his scheduled time to perform. He knows how to entertain a large group of people and makes a party planner's job easy when it comes to hiring entertainment.For all these reasons, I think The Magic of Brian Holt will put on an amazing show for any family-oriented event.Sincerely,Corinn L. Ploessl - Marketing AssistantWegner LLP, CPAs & Consultants
      Corinn L. Ploessl
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    Welcome to the Magic of Brian Holt, a Magician in Rockford, IL. I provide fun and interactive programs that create memories! I have a professional show that is Fun for everyone